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Get a new IKEA kitchen: measuring, kitchen planning, delivery + assembly – all from one source!

You are thinking of buying a new IKEA kitchen? Then you are in the right place: We are your assembly company No. 1 in Berlin, when it comes to a new kitchen from IKEA and you don`t want to have all the worries about kitchen planning, delivery and installation. Our assembly service has created an excellent reputation with this offer; In the meantime we have become assembly partners of many other furnishing houses.

Kitchen planning and procurement logistics are annoying, time-consuming and complicated. Waiting times for delivery dates and assembly dates from sometimes more than 8 weeks are like in the Middle Ages: one has the feeling, one must „condescend“ with some kitchen planners, in order to spend your sour-earned money to „must“ – and first it must be built a cargo carriage, because only all leap years a kitchen customer comes over. We can do that in 48 hours if required – from the planning to the ready-to-cook kitchen. We are sure, that we can do more for you than many others.

Benefits of an IKEA kitchen

  • There are countless design options (arrangements, colors, decors, etc.) of an IKEA kitchen and as many equipment variants (interior layout, etc.)
  • Measurements and finished kitchen planning can be realized within 24 hours. This pace is not kept by many other kitchen studios
  • IKEA kitchens are i.d.R. immediately available. Nothing has to be ordered from China or Italy for all current variants
  • It is the same with spare parts, e.g. a kitchen front. You drive to the nearest IKEA store and have solved the problem in a few minutes.
  • You can „touch“ the entire product range at IKEA, whereas in a conventional kitchen studio there are only a few models (exhibition kitchens) and the rest are sold per catalog.
  • IKEA kitchens can keep up with other, well-known brands long ago. We think that, with a few exceptions, kitchens come from one and the same production – with a different name. The manufacturers from China appear in particular on different brands. The price / performance ratio of IKEA is excellent in terms of product quality.
  • IKEA kitchens and IKEA furniture are no longer just for clients with little purchasing power, but now in almost every second household. Also we have already installed one or the other IKEA kitchen in flats of prominent people.
  • However, our most powerful argument is that we have years of experience with other kitchen brands and kitchen studios of all kinds. IKEA kitchens are the best, and here we have the most satisfied customers. That’s why we specialize in IKEA kitchens.

And this is how our IKEA full-service kitchen works:

Level 1:  Measurement and kitchen planning     

Measurement: within a very short time, our kitchen consultant visits you and takes the measurements from your (new) kitchen room. At this appointment, the kitchen space is measured and there is a consultation, which is to accommodate kitchen furniture and appliances in your new kitchen. The various IKEA model variants are discussed and arranged. Note: our kitchen planners work freelance for us and act independently.

Kitchen planning: Then the kitchen planner does the actual planning of the kitchen, i. a drawing as well as a 2-D and 3-D-planning will be made, which you will get within 48 hours by email. You can discuss the kitchen planning with the kitchen planner and, if necessary, make changes.

This service costs from only € 119, – for kitchen planning up to 5 mtr. length.

Note: In kitchen assembly, only the bottom row is measured, regardless of whether the kitchen has wall cabinets or not.

Level 2: IKEA Shopping Service     

Now you have the finished kitchen planning in hand, and you will receive an assembly offer, which you can then accept (the conditions are of course known to you in advance). After a binding installation date has been found, you will receive the data from our IKEA escrow account, to which you can transfer the pure kitchen purchase price.

Our IKEA purchasing service is now starting to put the goods together for you. That means you do not even have to come to IKEA. Our shopping service will then hand over the goods to our delivery service, which will keep them ready until the assembly date and then deliver them.

The cost of our IKEA shopping service are only 25, – €

Level 3: IKEA delivery service     

Our shopping service then immediately delivers the goods to our in-house IKEA delivery service. Immediately everything is loaded and delivered to your home or office (IKEA also offers solutions for office kitchens). Our delivery service unpacks the goods and prepares the kitchen assembly for our in-house IKEA assembly service. Of course we dispose of any packaging waste upon request (additional charge € 20, -).

The delivery service costs only € 99, ​​- delivery fee

Level 4: IKEA assembly service     

Immediately after the delivery service, at the latest on the next day or after an appointment, our assembly team will arrive and arrange the kitchen assembly. On request, we can realize your new kitchen within just 72 hours – from the initial contact (of your request) to the „ready to cook“ kitchen. So if you are in a hurry, you can use our IKEA express service (extra charge by appointment).

This service costs only € 199,- per running kitchen meter!

The advantages are obvious:         

  • Already with the measurement and planning you save about 40% * compared to other suppliers.
  • Shopping service and delivery service at TOP prices, if you book the complete full service package, but also with the kitchen assembly you save another approx.
  • You get everything from one source: no annoying phone calls with different responsibilities         
  • short waiting times, fast reaction times, minimal bureaucracy, zero processing turmoil     
  • Make an appointment now for IKEA kitchen planning and measuring:  please fill out the contact form below!

An omnipresent problem in kitchen assembly are incurred carpentry work. Not always everything fits 1: 1 and here and there must, for example from residues of the worktop a counter or similar be made. For many directly ordered assembly services, customer service stops here and begins „annoying customer“. Not with us! We not only prepare your kitchen ready to cook, but you can also make our kitchen fitters fit for special requests. Talk to us and get advice from professional kitchen planners!

Visit our picture gallery with examples of IKEA kitchen planning. Than you have an idea of ​​what an IKEA kitchen costs.

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