cost-saving assembly

If you have just a small order of fitting furniture, just use our special offer Berlin!

1 installer for up to 2 hours only € 99, – *

Ideal for smaller installations at home or at office:

  • Suspend / hang up pictures and lamps     
  • Aligning doors and hinges     
  • Furniture assembly of small furniture, e.g. Chests of drawers, smaller cabinets etc.pp.     
  • Replacement of sink mixer in the kitchen u.s.w.

If your assembly needs more than 2 working hours, this offer is not suitable. In this case please use our assembly forms (please click HERE). Not suitable is our saving price for a complete kitchen assembly or more extensive furniture assembly.

The following prerequisites have to be fulfilled so that you can benefit from our special offer:     

  • Duration of assembly definitely not longer than 2 hours – as our dispo the assembly engineer exactly in this cycle further planned     
  • No kitchen installation! Only furniture assembly and minor dowel work     
  • Tooling standard (no special machines like special saw etc.)     
  • Small parts only in household quantities and designs inclusive (screws, dowels etc.)     
  • Only cash payment on the spot or in advance via Paypal (with 3% discount)

Now book our saving offer!

NOTE: We will send you an appointment confirmation by email. If your desired date is not possible, we will call you first. If no date is reached, no contract will be concluded.

Cash payment is considered as agreed.
If you want a discount of 3% and pay in advance by Paypal, please click on the button.


Qualified fitters normaly cost between 40 and 65, – Euro per hour. With our prices for assemblys and our price for our special  offer, we are below the average of the industry. Neither the quality nor the customer service suffers. Our employees come with fully equipped vehicles and work clean, professional and speedy.

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