prices kitchen fitting & furniture fitting

In order to determine the mounting cost of our service furniture assembly and kitchen installation, you oriented to contact the following price list. Generally, a free visit from a consultant is possible by a contract value of min. or more than 8 hours of work.

We offer our installation services Berlin also in the following , further regions and counties of: Postsdam, LDS , LOS , TF , SRB , FRW , BER , OHV , DE , BTF , UM , PM . kitchenfitting we offer the way to the whole of Germany !

NEW! Use our form „Checklist Kitchen“ So we can advise you better and more directly in pricing for your kitchen construction! Search installation package itself and booking online = 10% savings ! Book moving with mounting = 10% savings more!

package Nr. commissioned by time (only Berlin & surrounding countryside)price inkl. 19% MwSt.remark
basic price Berlin / approach€ 22,-applies only to contracts less than 4 hours
basic price surrounding countryside / approach€ 35,-applies only to contracts less than 4 hours
M1per hour for A-Fitter (kitchen carpenter, prof. furniture fitter)€ 53,-
Hper hour for B-Fitter (helpfull fitter)€ 35,-not for kitchens bookable
M21 A-Fitter + 1 B-Fitter / per hour€ 88,-
helping out worker per hour € 23,-
M31 A-Fitter + 1 B-Fitter + 1 helper per hour € 111,-
Measure and planning a kitchen€ 119,-
home delivery , depending on distance and quantityfrom € 53,-
C2 craftsmen 4 hours€ 315,-10% cheaper than single booking, minimum booking required
D2 craftsmen 8 hours€ 630,-10% cheaper than single booking, minimum booking required
E1 profi craftsman + 2 normal craftsman 4 hours€ 440,- 10% cheaper than single booking, minimum booking required
F1 profi craftsman + 2 normal craftsmen 8 hours€ 880,-10% cheaper than single booking, minimum booking required
G1 profi craftsman, 2 normal craftsmen, 2 helpers for 10 hours€ 1.550,-10% cheaper than single booking, minimum booking required
AKPmeassuring and planning kitchen€ 119,-service only for IKEA kitchens available
EKSshopping service IKEA € 49,-only for IKEA items
KM1without hanger cabinets, with fully assembled carcasses€ 150,- per meter
KM2without hanger cabinets and without fully assembled cabinets€ 160,- per meter
KM3with hanging cabinets and with fully assembled cabinets€ 170,- per meter
KM4with hanger cabinets and not assembled cabinets€ 180,- per meter thats the example for IKEA kitchens! If you book fullservice, you get discount!
FSKIKEA kitchen FULLSERVICE€ 150,- per meter
KB1 - supraregional1 profi craftsman up to 8 hours € 500,-not for Berlin
KB2 - supraregional1 profi craftsman + 1 normal craftsman up to 10 hours€ 990,-not for Berlin
KB3 - supraregional cost per 1 mtr. kitchen assembly€ 195,-not for Berlin

Key to the price list:

For reservations you must decide on a quota of hours, if we remain unknown the scope of the assembly, not more – but you pay ONLY periods of completed work! The working time can be settled in the unfinished 30 – min intervals. You can make any combination together yourself or opt for a reduced-priced package.

PACKAGE PRICES for assemblers

You can also opt for one of our packages. PACKAGE PRICES ARE approximately 10% PRICE REDUCED – however, there is a minimum requirement. Please never underestimatet he duration of montages of fitted kitchens. If you hours prices seem too risky, just choose a kitchen installation by running meters. Any package combination possible!

 Please note:     

  • several craftsmen only in connection with an profi assembler bookable    
  • Costs (material, spare parts, etc. ) are charged for separately     
  • Electrical connections are ALWAYS charged extra ( i.d.R. up to € 50 , – )
  • no work on gas pipes!
  • no guarantee of correct time estimates during transport and assembly     
  • Prices are given without  furniture / Kitchen Furniture     
  • Prices incl . 19% VAT     
  • We only accept cash payment on the spot or paypal payment in advance, unless otherwise has been agreed     
  • Profi Fitter = trained professional, as kitchen fitters, furniture maker, carpenter
  • B = Fitter = allround craftsman without permission for electric etc.
  • helping hand = craftsmanship , but only light work

IKEA Pax cabinet assembly

When it comes to assembling pure IKEA Pax cabinets, you can make cheap fixed prices. We offer an optional delivery from IKEA. Offer can also be viewed and immediately bookable at This service is only available in german language!

price list for assemble kitchen worktops

If you only want to have your kitchen worktop replaced, we are your right contact here. On request you can use our delivery service for work sheets. Offer also available and can be booked online at This service is only available in german language!

What is better? Hour basis or fixed price?

As a rule, we work on an hourly basis, because we never know what imponderables are coming to us. A furniture maker / kitchen assembly company often adds a risk premium to „fixed prices“. Fixed prices are only possible if all parameters of a assembly are clearly and unambiguously communicated.

The following may be imponderable:

– Customer has forgotten to specify the interior life of a cabinet or kitchen
– technical refinements (cabinet lighting, etc.) were not mentioned
– Power connections or water connections are not sufficient, they must be converted and / or. be extended
– Floors / walls uneven, it must first be aligned
– furniture is still packed; Valuable working time for the unpacking process
– not all parts have been delivered, it has to be re-ordered and re-started etc. pp.

How long does a furniture assembly last?

  • You should neither overstate nor underestimate this. However, there are also some things which are not immediately observed:
  • Are e.g. kitchen parts pre-assembled at the factory, or are they just small parts in packaging?     
  • Are the furniture unpacked? The unpacking process also takes time!     
  • How complex is the interior life of a cabinet? E.g. An IKEA-PAX body can be assembled in 30 minutes, but the cabinet has an intricate interior life, e.g. Necktieshalter, jewelry shelf, many drawers u.s., then it is (especially drawers!) a time-eater!     
  • Is the work area cleared? Cupboards are e.g. often lying down. If the installer needs to move around, the valuable time will also cost you money    
  • In the case of drilling or dowel work, sensitive objects, decoration etc. cleared and covered?     
  • Do the furniture have to be picked up (eg IKEA), or are they already at the scene? If you initially only intended to deliver your furniture (transportservice), we also have inexpensive solutions for you here.

How can I book a mechanic in the short term?

A frequent question: „How long in advance do I have to make an appointment or can I reserve an appointment?

Our answer: 80% of the appointments are canceled – either the date is shifted, the assembly has been completed or the furniture has not been delivered, etc. pp. This creates frustration, bureaucracy and costs – which we have to turn to other customers. We therefore work exclusively according to the „first come – first serve“ principle! Binding deadlines without concrete order are only possible in combination with a deposit of € 50, – via Paypal, since cancellations generate much bureaucracy and unnecessary work in our dispo! We apologize for any inconvenience.